Why weddings are the ultimate symbol of love

wedding-ringsWeddings get a bad rap. In our modern society full of throwaway products and disposable relationships, many people consider marriages and weddings as just outdated practices from a bygone era. But are they really? You can say you believe in love all you want, but if it is only between you and another person, it will always be susceptible to changes in mood, changes in time, and changes in circumstance. In other words, a purely personal love relationship is purely personal and personal circumstances change all the time. It’s like writing on water. Sure, you feel intensely now, but what about tomorrow? Weddings and marriages intimidate people because these are all about commitment. Commitment is the opposite of convenience. When you commit, you establish a duty. You have to perform when the fire in your heart has gone out. You have to keep on keeping on when the spark has grown cold. Weddings are the symbolic affirmation of marriage and marriages’ sustainability and durability. In other words, weddings remind us of the marriage it inaugurates and marriage reminds us of an inconvenient truth: ultimate love is not about your feelings. Love is something bigger than you. This is the core truth behind the three main reasons why weddings are the ultimate symbols of love.

Public affirmation
By proclaiming to the world you love and your willingness to comit and be bound to each other, you are shouting to the world that your love is here to stay. I can’t think of any bolder act of love than that. Far from a mere feeling, you bind yourself to care for and love someone else no matter what happens. You will both look at your best, even if you’re bald you can find a stylist and or when you haven’t found a way how to make your hair grow faster(as on growhairguru) when you’re bald you can still ask your stylist to help you look at your best.

By inviting society as a third party into your otherwise personal love relationship, you are assuming a duty. You are assuming a responsibility. Besides the pomp and circumstance of a wedding and the happy celebrations afterward, weddings are acts of responsibility. You invite the law into your relationship. When you conclude your wedding, you and your spouse are no longer two people. In fact, there will be three people in your relationship-you, your spouse, and your marriage. Just like a corporation, your wedding inaugurates a new person-your marriage- into existence. Talk about responsibility!

When you were single, everything revolved around you and maybe cooking easy meals and your looks. When you fell in love, everything revolved around your feelings for a particular person. When you get married, everything will stop revolving around your feelings or your needs, instead, it will revolve around your marriage. This is called a covenant. You do things not because they are easy or convenient, but because they are necessary. You start doing things because of duty. Due to this higher reality, weddings are awesome since they symbolize the creation of a new covenant between two people and society.

Why I love going to weddings

wedding-handsI love going to weddings. Really, I do. This particular type of human gathering has a lot of pomp and flourish that the world needs more. Sure, to many people it is an empty ritual. To others, it might seem like a waste of time. To me, it is a great occasion to get dressed up and participate in a ritual that is packed with meaning. Which ritual would you rather be part of? A celebration of a couple’s love or your daily ritual of waking up, taking a shower, putting on your clothes, eating breakfast, and heading to work? The latter is as much a ritual as the former although it’s not as satisfying. The truth is, humans are ritualistic animals and there’s a lot of value we can get from certain rituals. Weddings form a part of this. I have some personal issues with going to a wedding next month though :-) I’m a little overweight. Guess I need to pick up some solid advise to lose weight before it’s too late. Already found a way to lose weight fast but not sure if it’s what I want to do, it’s a bike trip in The Netherlands with this touring website. Anyway, here are the three reasons why I love the wedding ritual and can’t wait to attend more in the future.

Public affirmation of love
First and foremost, weddings are a public affirmation of a couple’s love. The reality of their love already exists on a personal level. However, by getting married, they let the world in on the secret. Moreover, this public pronouncement makes society and the government a partner in their love relationship. This is one of the things many critics of weddings miss. There is a social element in weddings which connect one married couple to all other married couples. There is a covenant between the couples and greater society and, for religious couples, the Deity. In other words, it’s one thing to be in love privately but its another for your love to connect to something higher and bigger than yourself. By getting married, your personal relationship gets the stamp of society and is protected by it at many levels, almost as protected as investing in gold as a savings option.

Reminder of romance in one’s life
Besides the meaning of a wedding to the people getting married, watching a wedding in person reminds me of the romance in my own life. The nervousness, the knowing looks, and the pomp and circumstance, all remind me that romance is important, and that it has value. Watching two happy people affirm their love reminds me of the importance of romance in my own life and how it makes everything else in my life better, shine brighter, and be more meaningful.

Family gathering and bonding
Finally, I love going to weddings because these occasions get family and friends to come out of the woodwork. We are all busy and oftentimes, we let life get the best of us. We get wrapped up in our schedules and we lose sight of what is important-our loved ones. Weddings force us to make an appearance and break out of our shells to reach out and reconnect.

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